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Wilbur Smith - Second Scroll

"The Seventh Scroll. Nearly four thousand years old. A fading legacy from beyond the grave. Within it lie the clues to a fabulous treasure from an almost forgotten time...

Duraid Al Simmu and his beautiful half-English, half-Egyptian wife, Royan, were the first to discover the tomb of Queen Lostris. And with it the scrolls in which the wily Taita recorded the burial of Pharaoh Mamose with all his vast treasure.
But as their present-day search moves from the Nile to the uplands of Ethiopia, a savage battle begins, to unlock the Pharaoh's secrets. For others will stop at nothing to gain the prize as their own.
When Duraid is brutally murdered and their research notes stolen, Royan is forced to seek refuge in England.

With eminent and aristocratic archaeologist Nicholas Quenton-Harper, she can pick up the pieces of her shattered life. With him she can find the courage to return to Ethiopia. For Duraid. For Taita. And for the dreams of an ancient Pharaoh..."

Selling at $9.00
Condition of the book ( on a scale of 1-10, 1 = very bad and 10 = new ) : 8/10
Drop me a msg if you're interested.

Elizabeth Atkins Bowman - Dark Secret

"Karen Bradly has not seen her sister in years, not since Sharlene ran off to New York to escape poverty and shame she felt living as a mixed-race child in the slums of Detroit. Karen, a devoted daughter, is horrified to learn that her mother is dying of a rare illness - and only Sharlene can save her.

Now passing as a white woman, Sharlene has remade her life. Engaged to a rich Southern aristocrat, she has everything she wanted: love, money, prestige. But will the price of her new life be her mother's early death?

Or will Karen expose her sister's Dark Secret?"

Selling at $7.00
Condition of the book ( on a scale of 1-10, 1 = very bad and 10 = new ) : 7/10 - the pages of the book is fine, front cover's condition is as seen in the pictures above.
Drop me a msg if you're interested.


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